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Rules & Policy Page


- Roto Games provide user with many different games whether PC, Web or Mobile platform, which All of these games are referred to individually or jointly as "Game" or "Games""Multi-Platform Games"), partially under cross-platform access to the same contents and game statuses (in these Terms of Use referred to as "Cross-Platform Games"). In these Terms of Use, the users of these games are referred to as "Users".
- In addition, available additional services are part of the games as defined above. These additional services include the purchase of virtual currency, which can be exchanged for virtual items such as content that can be downloaded, additional packages, server change, in-game name changes or other additional functions (in these Terms of Use referred to jointly as “Premium Features") as well as additional services primarily to enable communication with other players (e.g. forums, chats, profile pages for users, rankings, etc.). In accordance with the rules of the respective games, the premium features offered for a fee can e.g. enable Users to use additional functions for specific periods of time.


- Within the framework of the Users own technical and operational possibilities Roto Games allows the Users to participate in games. Roto Games provides all services in connection with the games solely based on these Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as "Terms of Use").
- Roto Games objects to the validity of any general terms and conditions of users. Any general terms and conditions of users become an integral part of the Agreement only if Roto Games provided its express consent to them in writing.
- Additional game rules, rules for use, participation requirements and communication rules (in these Terms of Use jointly referred to as “Game Rules") of the respective games are published on its websites or in the games. By his/her participation, the User bindingly accepts these game rules.
- If these Terms of Use and the game rules are contradictory, these Terms of Use supersede the game rules, unless the game rules provide specifically for a priority ranking over the Terms of Use.
- Roto Games can utilize the services of independent third parties for the games (in these Terms of Use referred to as "Third Party Service") such as app stores and social networks. No third party services are provided by third parties upon the instruction of Roto Games. Third party services are not provided by Roto Games. Roto Games or the third party will identify these services in a suitable manner. Any issues in connection with third party services are not affected by these Terms of Use. Roto Games shall not be responsible for third party services. Third party services are potentially subject to their providers general terms and conditions.
- Applications for mobile terminal devices and connected devices (in these Terms of Use referred to as "Apps") are generally not directly provided by Roto Games but by a third party provider (in these Terms of Use referred to as "App Store"). A separate user account may be necessary for this purpose. Game scores, high scores and achievements/accomplishments or in-app-purchases in accordance with this term (in these Terms and Conditions referred to jointly as "Game Scores") are potentially tied to the apps installed on the used mobile terminal device or connected device and these cannot be transferred. When the User deletes the app and subsequently re-installs the app or changes the mobile device or the connected device and subsequently re-installs the app, the User has no claim against Roto Games for transferring the game scores to the other mobile device or connected device. Roto Games does not warrant that game scores achieved by playing on mobile data connections and/or mobile devices and/or connected devices are equivalent. In particular, graphic quality, sound quality and response times of the game may be worse than playing via stationary data connections and/or stationary terminal devices. Certain functions and contents may not be available.

[Users eligible to participate]

- Roto Games offers its games only to consumers. It is prohibited to use the games for commercial purposes. Participation in the games is for entertainment purposes only.
- Only persons of legal age or persons whose legal guardians have provided consent to the use are allowed participation. Expressly barred from participation are persons whose account or game registration has been barred by Roto Games in accordance with
[1] Roto Games is entitled to transmit User data and User content to third parties and/or delete these provided it is permitted under legal provisions or mandated by court or government order. The same applies to the disclosure of User information.
[2] Any warning threatening to block the account can be foregone, if there are special circumstances that justify the immediate block of the access in consideration of mutual interests.
- With his/her account registration or participation in a game, the User represents that he/she is of legal age and of legal capacity. If the User is a minor, then the legal guardian must provide consent. Roto Games is entitled to request at any time written proof of the Users legal age or the written consent of the legal guardian.
- As soon as a minor uses his/her account after he/she becomes of legal age, then all Agreements in connection with him/her concluded before achieving legal age are deemed approved provided he/she does not revoke the approval toward Roto Games within two weeks upon reaching legal age.

[Registration / date of effectiveness of the Agreement]

- The participation in a game that is not a social game requires the prior registration and creation of a membership account at Roto Games (in these Terms of Use referred to as "Account”). The User registers either online by filling out the registration form on the website of the respective game, directly on the website of Roto Games, in the game itself, or using the registration function of a social network such as Facebook Connect or by any other website or landing page. In addition, Roto Games is entitled to use an additional procedure during which the e-mail address of the User will be verified by visiting a confirmation link sent by Roto Games via e-mail. After the account has been created successfully, the User can log in for participation in one or several games.
- A connection of the social game to the membership account of the social network is required for the participation in social games within social networks. The terms and conditions of the corresponding social network apply to the membership account. When connecting with the social network, the social network provides Roto Games with the personal information of the player. Further information about the collection and use of data are found in the privacy policy of the respective game.
- Prior to sending the registration form, the User can print out the Terms of Use or save them to a permanent data storage device.
- By sending his/her registration, the User sends an offer to conclude a user agreement with Roto Games (in these Terms of Use referred to as "User Application”). However, this does not conclude an agreement. The agreement is only concluded upon Roto Games acceptance of the user application. Roto Games confirms access to the user application by sending an electronic mail to the e-mail address specified by the User or by login to the game or website. The confirmation of receipt is not an acceptance of the user application. The acceptance of the user application can be made in connection with the confirmation of access if expressly carried out that way. In addition, the acceptance can be expressly confirmed outside the confirmation of receipt or by the first deed of performance by Roto Games. There is no entitlement to the conclusion of an agreement to establish an account, to the participation in games or to the use of virtual currency or premium features.

[Virtual currency / premium features / payment transactions / data connections]

- In general, the User can play the games free (in these Terms of Use referred to as "Free-2-Play"). In addition, in connection with the games, the User can purchase virtual currency and premium features. The User will be expressly notified if the service is not free and the User will be informed about his/her right of withdrawal. There is no obligation to use the services repeatedly unless the User has subscribed to them. Neither this Agreement nor the existence of an account or game registration give the User the right to use any sequels of the game or expansions, adventure packs or similar additional products without payment of applicable fees.
- In general, Users have the option to purchase virtual currency for these games for a fee. In this context, the Users generally acquire virtual currency for one or several specific games. This is dependent on the availability in the account or the game itself. Any virtual currency acquired by the User can be exchanged among others for items and/or other premium features. In addition to receiving virtual currency, Roto Games can offer Users, depending on the game, the option to utilize premium features in exchange for paying a fee. Roto Games can offer Users to subscribe to individual or several of the above-referenced services. Roto Games informs the User of the respective features, requirements and prices of the virtual currency or premium features prior to the Users use in the respective game or on the website of Roto Games.
- The User shall pay all fees, if User is at fault or Users account is insufficiently covered and consequently Roto Games receives charge-backs and/or is charged for cancellations by the later cancellation of debits or credit card collections. Roto Games is entitled to request from User these expenses together with the original fee and to execute a one-time debit for this amount. If the User is responsible for any reverse charges (e.g. for insufficient funds in the Users account), then the User is obliged to reimburse Roto Games for any proven, reasonable damage Roto Games sustained thereby. If the direct debiting system or a credit card is used for payment and reverse charges apply, then Roto Games will charge the User a flat fee of € 10.00, which is the expense Roto Games is invoiced by third parties. The User can prove that Roto Games did not sustain its claimed damage or the claimed damage was significantly lower than the flat fee. Roto Games claim for additional damages shall remain unaffected thereby.

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