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Rules & Policy Page

[Main Rules]

  • No Hacking / Scamming.
  • No Flaming / Harmful Language.
  • No Trade Items From Server to Server.
  • No Selling of Account for real money / no selling Items for real money.
  • No asking staff for free items/events.
  • No Insulting or disrespecting staff or other players ingame.
  • No Adverting Servers or other stuff.
  • Refund Policy.
  • PVP is Allowed!
  • Bug/Glitch Abuse!

[Rule Explain]

-> Hacking :

Hacking is not allowed by all means if someone hacked someone we will take actions like returning items if possible/banning hacker and all that depend in hack case and all that is absolute decision of our main admin.

-> Scamming :

Getting Scammed is your own fault we will return only your account in case of trade exchange scam we might return items in case of strong proof but that require that the scammer have not wasted what was scammed[Selling To others], this case depend in situation that why best practive is to never trust anyone and always stay in safe side!

-> Flaming/Insulting :

Flaming people is not baning but in some cases people might get banned for such actions that all depend in the degree of it and more important depend whether the other person insulted too or not so if you report someone and you have insulted him too we shall punish you and not him and all that is absolute decision of our main admin.

-> Trade Servers/Sharing Account :

Its in players own risk to share their accounts and trading servers if seen in Global chat for example you may get punished depending in situation, please refrain from such act if you do not know the person and cant trust him and all that is to create fair environment with no problems.

-> Selling Account/Items/Other Stuff for Real Money :

We absolutly refrain any real money trading we are not responsible for any scam/lose you may face please refrain from buying from others and use our own Donate system if you want to buy things in game.

-> Asking for Free Stuff/Events :

Do not ever ask staff for free items or stuff we only provide stuff through Events and that for fair environment and we have no obligation to make events when requested by others we do events depending in players online & in certain dates if you could not participate in game events we do planty in website specially for voter.

-> Staff Insulting :

We do not allow staff insult as they are the people who work for your best, some staff work for no money and that is thanking to them for supporting game, so its not punish to them for their good to insult them.

-> Adverting :

Adverting to other games or other stuff that has no relation to our games or stuff is baning by all means and for a high degree punishment

-> Refund :

Refund is allowed in case player return what he got from us virtual points and all related stuff, if person tried to trick us and refund without the return of our stuff we will refuse the refund, also to refund people need to do so within 48 hours from their donation is cleared in our database otherwise we will consider them not accepting refund.

-> PVP[Player Vs Player] :

If you are killed in a Player VS Player map that does not make the one who killed you in any responsibility actuly its the main goal of our games is to provide PVP to players which make them enoy the game and feeling the real fight feeling and agony with all the power to face someone else, so it must be like that and that what make it enjoyable!

-> Bug/Glitch Abuse :

By bugs we many any bug in our website or in game that allow abuser to get what he is not supposed to get without that bug and we may take action of removing all items related to bug even if exchanged to other players, if bug reported before abusing it we may reward person awesomely!

[Game Policy]

  • Game was created for players enjoyment and we are spreading our games all around world for peace and enjoyment.
  • We no allow in live political matters and we have no responsibility on the people who use our service for such actions.
  • We shall stop any harmful actions and we shall face any breaking of our rules by all means we have.
  • Our Servers is located on France and we follow rules which exist in our head admin country which is Egypt.
  • Our Main Goal is to make many enjoyable games and provide our players with most enjoyable ideas they could see.

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