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Mar 18 2017 3:33PM
Invite Event
Celebrating our second server opening we are running event to the end of this month, everyone who success to invite 5 unique friends will obtain rewar
Mar 16 2017 4:06PM
Update More
Whitekinghts now drop 100M gold in coin by 20% luck
Arena now give 40 Arena coins on win
and 15 on lose
CTF give arena coins each kill there
Mar 16 2017 2:41PM
Update v270
Roto Sro 1 Titan Server is now updated to new stuff here is features about them
-Silk per hour added
-Auto event system more info : www.rotosro.

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Server Time 24/03/2017 04:00:04 AM
Accounts 4319
Characters 6283
Month Votes 559
Daily Online 1175
Rank Unique
1 Day
Rank Player
2 Day
20 Min 54 Sec [Open]
15 Hour 59 Min 54 Sec [Closed]
Owner Jangan DaRkNiGhT 20%
Reward Jangan 6 Day
Owner Hotan Emergancy 20%
Reward Hotan 6 Day